St. Susanna Wish List

Altar Boy Robes

Altar Covers

Analoy and Icon Stand Covers



Chalice Covers (Red, Black, Green, White)

Deacon’s Vestments

Folding Chairs

Hanging Lampada(s)


Pitcher and Basin Set

Priest’s Travel Communion Set

Priest’s Vestments

Service Books for Congregation (Liturgy, Feast Days, Baptism Weddings, etc)

Service Books for Priest (ask what is needed)

Seven Branch Candle Holder

Supplies for Coffee Hour


Dear Friends —
Our List is Long;
Our Funds Are Short

Cash Donations accepted for any item on list or other items.

If you are interested in donating any item(s), need help in locating a source for the items, if you would like to donate something not on the list, or have any questions, please contact Nicolas Teshin at 209-536-1625 or send an email to, so that we can coordinate our efforts.

 Thank you and may God bless you!

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