Parish Calendar

Note: Confessions can be said after Saturday Vespers, before Sunday Divine Liturgy, or by appointment.

Note: Sunday School for younger children will take place on the first Sunday of each month, immediately following Communion.

St. Susanna Cleaning Team Schedule
Blessed are those who love the beauty of God's house

Team 1-Week of October 8th
Team 2-Week of October 22nd

To Decorate and Clean for PalmSunday and Pascha!

Thank you everyone for your help
in beautifying our temple


Thomas Giesbrecht October 6
Evelyn Vaughan October 9
Donna Elias October 10
Rebecca Teshin October 11
Mick’l Vitz October 11
Anastasia Elias October 17
Judy McIntosh October 24
Greg Vitz October 29

Thomas Giesbrecht October 6
Mick’l Vitz October 11
Andres Gonzalez October 17
Kasey Vitz October 23

John and Leticia Arsheid October 25

Hours Readings
Anyone who would like to read the Hours before
liturgy, please contact Rdr Tikhon at 209-
728-5596 or to be added to the list or for more information.